Real Estate Available For Sale In Tsawwassen

Here you will find all properties that are available in Tsawwassen, from townhouses to acreage on the MLS. Tsawwassen was translated directly from the language of the Northern Straits Salish to men “facing the ocean”. The little Tsawwassen community is mainly of a residential suburb situated on the southwestern corner of a peninsula   of Delta’s Municipality in British Columbia. The city of Tsawwassen is bounded on the east by the Boudary bay and on the west by the Strait of Georgia.
The city has a population estimate of 20,933 inhabitants (2006). The residents of Tsawwassen average income per household is $56,945(2011), while the average household income in British Columbia is approximately $56,945 (2011). The average price of homes in the area is in the range of $986,000(2015), the price of homes in Tsawwassen experienced an upsurge by 10.86% within just three months (between the August 2015- November 2015). The average age of South Delta residents is 42.8years, it is slightly higher than the national average age of 40.6 years.