Marco Zaurrini and Associates was great from start to finish. He was honest, courteous and very knowledgeable throughout the entire selling process. Our place stayed on the market for about 4 hours before we got offers in. We told him what we wanted and left it in his hands and he did not disappoint for a second. I would highly recommend Marco and his team to anyone and everyone looking to buy or sell property. This guy is one hell of a Realtor and I would (and will) use his services again in the future. Thank you for everything Marco, and keep up the fantastic work! :)


Dan Polanski

Marco Zaurrini is a great realtor and friend. If your looking for an honest and driven realtor look no further. Marco always had my best intentions in mind and i never felt pressured into making any decisions. I cant say enough positives about him. I would recommend Marco to anyone looking to buy or sell. Thank you Marco

Matt Hickman

I have worked with Marco and can honestly say that he is a GREAT REALTOR. I have spoken with many of his existing clients, and every one of them has expressed such positive feedback about him- and have even been overjoyed with the service he has provided them.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with him and I am so happy to have had this opportunity. Through working with him, I have observed him to not only be knowledgable in his field, but also determined to do what's right for his clients. I have witnessed him provide service that is extensively reliable as he is always there for his clients when they need him. I have also never met anyone with as much desire to learn. He is always attending seminars and taking classes to expand his knowledge- all to gain additional skills and better serve his clients.

I recommend Marco's realtor services to anyone who is looking to buy or sell. Having worked with him- and seeing how he does things behind the scenes, I am sure you won't be disappointed! He provides great service and delivers great results...which is why I consider him to be a GREAT REALTOR!

Aline Wallace

I have know Marco for years and Honesty is the first word that comes to mind ! I bought my first home with him and he educated me above and beyond ! Thanks for all your help Marco

Chris Buck

We cannot thank Marco enough! From his outstanding work ethic to countless emails, phone calls and texts, we are just absolutely so thankful to have such a determined and knowledgeable realtor. The house that we have purchased almost slipped through our fingers, but because of Marco’s due diligence, we are now able to call this house a home and to raise our new little family in it. Thank you Marco for all your hard work! We will surely be referring any friends and family who are looking to buy or sell!

Michelle Miller